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At GCC, Several affiliated and sister companies add breadth to the scope of activities that we can successfully undertake. Prominent among these are Gulf Tunneling Company (whose technique allows non-destructive method of construction services between 400mm and 2400mm), Baniyas Concrete Products (manufacturing concrete pipes from 400mm to 2400mm), and Union Pipes Industry (manufacturing HDPE/MDPE polyethylene pipes).

GCC is the result of the partnering of two stellar conglomerates: Al Sharafi Group and United Eastern (UE) Group. Our associated and sister companies include the following:

• United Eastern Group
• Al Sharafi General Contracting & Transports
• Gulf Tunneling Company
• Gulf Readymix
• Union Pipes Industry
• Baniyas Concrete Products 
• Arabian Company for Investment & Tourism
• Al Sharafi Babich Steel Factory 
• Royal Gardens Agriculture 
• Shorooq Al Khaleej Est. 
• ESC Al Sharafi Building Material 
• ICON Cement Factory 
• Kelvin Catering Catering Services 
• Bohemia Eastern

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To learn more about the United Eastern (UE) Group of companies,



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GCC, founded in the year 1988, is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in construction. Our success is exemplified by the sheer breadth of projects accomplished, spanning a wide spectrum right from infrastructure, defense and leisure to industrial, commercial and residential. 

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