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GCC Owns a large-scale stores all operational materials for maintenance and implementation of projects undertaken by the company and there are such stores in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the following areas:
1 / Alfaya main stores area.
2 / Mahawi main stores area.
3 / establish a subsidiary company stores in each of the projects assigned to each site.
Due to the containment of such stores to stockpile materials in large quantities with a monetary value High, which led the senior management of the company created a separate department and staff with expertise and high efficiency in the field of storage and knowledge of materials that deal with the company and follow the modern methods of recording data, documents and accounts of stores according to the program stores (INVENTORY). This program has facilitated the process of liaison and coordination with all departments of the company related to the procurement, finance and projects as well as suppliers who deal with the company.
Has helped the modern work systems in providing data, information and reports on the company's stock in terms of quantity, price, value, movement of supplies and sanitation and the benefits to suppliers, which serves the decisions taken by senior management of the company.
Components of the company's stock:
Materials are stored within the company's stores in accordance with the homogeneous groups according to each project as follows
1 / Group of irrigation materials
2 / Group of Agriculture materials
3 / Group of Electrical materials
4 / Group of Construction materials
5 / Group of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and Prevention Materials
6 / Group of natural cosmetics Materials
7 / Group of Safety and Security Materials
8 / Group of Administrative Office Supplies Materials
9 / Group of camps equipment Materials
10 / Group of Cleaning Materials
And warehouse management always seeks to work in systems development and has the ability to absorb the burden of any requests it in order to accomplish the goals that guide the senior management of the company.


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